I'm Kamry.

I love working in javascript, and I especially love React.

I like finding ways to do things with CSS and HTML primitives, and keeping my markup semantic. I am strong in taking designs and implementing them faithfully while also making them resilient and responsive.

On the server side, I love working in Node and Python. I have spent some time in other languages, but Node and Python are where I'm happiest.

I really love working on a team, burrowing into a problem set and bringing back a solution that works for everyone. Scalability and reusability saves lives™.

I studied economics and philosophy at the University of Michigan. Then I had a career helping small businesses get SBA loans. Now I develop software. I live in Denver, CO.

It's satisfying to help others doing something that gets me excited every day.

If you want to chat, you can find me at kamry.bowman on gmail.